Pondering questions


To the editor:

I have a lot of questions. Maybe some of your readers can begin to answer them.

What is perfect truth?

Can our democracy really be undermined?

What should we be fighting for?

Should we be allowed to speak out against popular ideas, or just listen and accept mainstream ideas?

How much faith should we put in history?

Does history always reflect truth if some facts are left out? Does our history change with different people’s perceptions? Why do we believe certain people and not others?

Do we have an instinct for recognizing truth?

Is truth always consistent? Or does it change with different experiences and interpretation?

What we reveal in our decisions as to what we believe comes from many different places: The values, ethics and mortality we were taught through our brains and emotions and instincts. What our personal histories have taught us through our experiences and through the alliances have forged through our years on Earth.

We base our decisions on our own reality. Trust it.

Karen Green

Karen Green