Practice what you preach


To the editor:

I believe that all conservative and Republicans in the United States should return their unemployment insurance benefits checks to the U.S. Department of Labor. Its unemployment insurance benefits program is a joint state and federal government program, and most of today’s conservatives and Republicans want to cut and reduce spending on the federal government social programs that help the middle and lower classes.

What they should do is what Ronald Reagan and conservatives have been telling needy Americans to do over and over since 1980:

  • Practice a novel idea and concept, and help yourself
  •  Get help from your family and friends
  •  Get help from charities
  •  Get help from your church

Practice what you right-wingers preach to others. Get your hands off of my wallet and out of my pockets. Stop sucking on the taxpayer’s teat. Why should I have to subsidize you?

Stewart Epstein

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Stewart Epstein,