Primary choice is clear on June 26


To the editor:

There’s an important Democratic primary happening on Tuesday, June 26. Since only one office is on the ballot, not many people know about it — but it is of the utmost importance that we come out in big numbers to vote.

The race is for our congressional seat here in the northwest Bronx, and pits our hard-working congressman, Eliot Engel, against a group of challengers who have spent the last few months doing nothing but attack him with false and misleading claims.

The voters are too smart for their games.

Congressman Engel’s achievements are many. He is the ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which means when the Democrats retake control of the House in November, he will become chairman, and help steer American policy on the global stage. He is also a top member of the powerful House Energy & Commerce Committee, which handles everything from health care and telecommunications, to the environment.

His work on these committees, and his overall voting record, has always reflected the type of values we hold dear here. Eliot is a staunch defender of Israel, an outspoken proponent of Medicare for All, a strong fighter for Social Security, and a champion of our environment. 

He was named the “Most Effective Democratic Lawmaker” in the entire House by the Center for Effective Lawmaking, meaning even when he’s in the minority party, Eliot still gets things done.

His bill to mandate a minimum 3 percent annual increase for Social Security would give seniors peace of mind as they head into retirement, and he also has voted in favor of allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices to lower costs.

On the issues that matter, Eliot is always there.

Right here in the community, Eliot has helped countless people resolve problems. Whether it’s handling constituent issues relating to immigration and Social Security or fixing street signs, no problem is too big or too small to Eliot.

My office has always worked closely with his to provide top-notch constituent service, whether it’s solving the issue of missing mailboxes or fighting for refunds for customers wronged by Con Edison. Quality of life is a huge priority for Eliot, and has been since day one.

His opponents, by contrast, have scant records of achievement, and even less to say. One, a wealthy businessman from Scarsdale, has spent more than $500,000 of his own personal fortune attacking our congressman while offering little in the way of actual policy positions or, well, facts.

His mail and incessant Facebook ads have been filled with lies and distortions. I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally had enough rich guys with no experience, who also shoot off at the mouth, in government for one lifetime.

The bottom line is the choice on June 26 is clear. Eliot Engel has always been a fighter for us here in the northwest Bronx, and an amazing advocate for all of his constituents in Washington. He deserves a resounding show of support from our community in the June 26 Democratic primary.

Jeffrey Dinowitz

The author is the Assembly representative for the 81st District.

Jeffrey Dinowitz