Problems start with Moerdler


To the editor:

(re: “Changing SNAD means changing everything we love,” May 23)

I read the Point of View submitted by Community Board 8 land use chair Charles Moerdler recently with great interest, and I have to admit, it made me think.

Mr. Moerdler may have a point, that the power of the community board over homeowners that are seeking modest changes to their property may not be the problem. Instead, the problem is the abusive treatment that these applicants receive at the hands of the community board land use chair.

Anyone who attends a Community Board 8 meeting with any regularity will have witnessed one of Mr. Moerdler’s cartoonish tirades. For a reason unknown to me, Mr. Moerdler seems to have an insatiable need to grandstand before any audience.

If Mr. Moerdler made good on every hollow threat of “I’ll see you in court …” we would need a bigger courthouse.

Homeowners who are seeking to bump out a kitchen or expand a deck should not have to go and bow before Mr. Moerdler and then be condescended to or threatened.

I do have serious concerns about the City Planning Commission’s proposal to update the Special Natural Area District rules, and I will not support these changes without significant amendments to the proposal.

However, if Community Board 8 is concerned about preserving their power, they should protect that power, as well as the community from the abuses of their land use chair.

Andrew Cohen

The author is a New York City councilman, representing the 11th District.

Andrew Cohen,