Punish those defying Constitution


To the editor:

We, the members of Northwest Bronx Indivisible, witnessed the attack on our government and heard the President of the United States, Donald Trump, exhort his followers to “stop the steal” and march to the capital to fight to overturn the election.

We urge the U.S. Senate to remove Donald Trump permanently from the levers of power. He has shown no remorse for the loss of life he caused. He threatens to primary any Republican who voted to convict, and will no doubt inflame his followers and incite violence against the states that oppose him.

He is a continuing danger to our country.

The members of Congress — House representatives and Senators — who participated in the lie of widespread election fraud, undermined our elections. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are attorneys and took oaths to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and then lied to their constituents, leading them to believe that there were grounds to overturn the election in that Constitution they swore to uphold.

Members of the House of Representatives who owed their election to the election that Trump lost took the same oath to protect the Constitution, and lied to their constituents. In our own state of New York, Lee Zeldin, Elise Stefanik, Nicole Malliotakis and Chris Jacobs betrayed their constituents, lending credence to the idea that duly certified ballots of the electors could be rejected by Congress.

They should be censured.

Democracy demands leaders who serve the American people.

Leaders who tell the truth. Leaders who will protect and defend the Constitution honorably, and with integrity.

Do your duty.

Helen Krim

The author is a member of the Northwest Bronx Indivisible steering committee.

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Helen Krim,