Race begins with conversation


To the editor:

(re: “Council race starts with streets,” Aug. 2)

The city council race starts with a conversation. Our streets are one part of that conversation.

In a recent letter to the editor, I was criticized as not understanding road design because of two votes I made in my 10-year history on the community board.

I enjoy hearing criticism as a public servant. For me, it begins a conversation. Through discussion and desire to understand other points of view, we create opportunities to find common goals and offer solutions.

The letter states that as Community Board 8 transportation chair, I opposed recent efforts to bring traffic calming measures on Riverdale Avenue. In fact, what we opposed was reducing Riverdale Avenue to a single traffic lane. This is a main thoroughfare of the community, and the idea was widely opposed by residents and stakeholders.

I believe other traffic calming measures can be implemented on Riverdale Avenue without reducing the number of traffic lanes.

The writer criticized my efforts regarding DOT’s Broadway corridor plan. As a threshold matter, DOT’s plan was concentrated on creating a protected bike lane. It is undisputed that the protected bike lane provides a safer means of travel for bikers. However, bikers are one of several transportation classes on Broadway.

As chair, I spent countless hours in meetings, site visits, reading letters, researching traffic studies, and reviewing police reports on the Broadway corridor. Our board, after hearing more than seven hours of testimony, passed a resolution approving parts of the plan and rejecting others. We sought to have further public dialogue with DOT and the community on possible solutions.

I am a pedestrian, runner, biker, driver and straphanger. I believe that government resources should create safe and efficient means for each of these modes of transportation.

The integration of these classes on roadways is challenging. Through conversation, community and government can make our roadways better.

I intend to continue the conversation with residents, stakeholders and advocacy groups to discuss new ideas and improvements to our roadways.

Dan Padernacht

The author is a candidate for city council, and current member of Community Board 8. However, he states this letter is written as an individual and not on behalf of CB8.

Dan Padernacht