Really, who are we to judge?


To the editor:

(re: “Fieldston was right to fire Brager,” Jan. 30)

Rabbi Larry Gevirtz’s letter, with all due respect, is a prima facie example of a move toward thought control within the Jewish community. Not agreeing with what one believes are misguided policies of the state of Israel is as American as apple pie.

After all, if it were not for the American revolutionaries of the 18th century, we’d still be speaking the King’s English.

It is notable, as well, that I would either be Orthodox, or pushed out of the faith entirely by such strident nonsensical thought left unchecked in history.

I am a card-carrying American Jew, born into the religion. I was bar mitzvahed in 1969, and graduated from a Hebrew high school. My wife and I keep a kosher home.

Yet, I see Israel heading down the path toward becoming a pariah state, especially disturbing given how we Jews have endured such status through history. A minority ruling a majority seldom lasts, and is morally repugnant to me no matter the legal niceties some promote to create an alternate illusion.

So call me an anti-Semite. I dare you.

You’d better first ask my fellow daily minyan-aires at CSAIR where I have been consistently making the “10ther” so my fellow Jews can recite Kaddish, now going on more than 16 straight years. Ask them how much they consider me to be anti-Semitic, especially after I daven (and yes, at the appropriate times, I wear tefillin).

Be careful, rabbi. Be careful, fellow Jews. We are allowed — nay, we are obligated — to disagree and be able to freely do so without so much unnecessary Jewish bigotry. The overly emotional overreaction is uncalled for and harmful on its face.

This is America. This is my community, as well as yours. You don’t get to judge me, nor do I get to judge you.

I suggest leaving the name-calling to others. Let us learn to disagree, agreeably. After all, Hashem is the judge here, not you. Not I.

Make Hashem proud of us, the entire community. Not just those who share your opinions.

Baruch Hashem.

Adam Stoler

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Adam Stoler,