Remember that words have power


To the editor:

We’re always on the attack, but most of us are not predators. However, as soon as we get an opening to be reminded on how we suffered from anti-Semitic or racial or other slurs, we get on the bandwagon to spit out what hurt us in words and actions.

It is true that words have power, that words can hurt deeply.

But words and actions can be healers as well. The world of humanity reaches out to all in need. We need to address those in need who only know how to scare and hurt others.

It is my opinion that those who terrorize others have never experienced the way the majority of us humans experience joy and happiness and laughing and smiling and tears for ourselves and others. They never experienced music and singing and praying. These feelings must be exhibited and shared publicly so everyone gets a dose.

Let’s not keep people isolated.

Bring those in who are alone if they want to be brought in to your life.

Some human errors cannot be corrected but we can avoid other faults to happen by being kind, loving and grateful to be alive.

Karen Green

Karen Green,