Represent everyone


To the editor:

(re: “Change takes more than one person, it takes a party,” Nov. 1)

Congratulations to our newly elected state senator, Alessandra Biaggi.

I write asking that hopefully you will represent everyone in your district, not those mentioned in your Nov. 1 letter to the editor.

I was ably represented by former state senator Jeff Klein, who spoke so eloquently about so many issues, including three I and others consider so crucial. They are seniors, veterans and the developmentally disabled.

Let me start with the problems of our seniors, of which there are so many. Services must not only be protected, but must be increased.

Transportation, outings, funding and in-house entertainment are only a few of the many problems faced by all the senior centers.

Jeff Klein was always there, providing funds for the centers and their services.

Next are the veterans. I hope that you will not forget those who served in any of the conflicts and in any of the branches of the military. Also that you will not forget those who were injured or paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The Veterans Administrtion Center on Kingsbridge Road is excellent, but more has to be done and you must be a spokesperson for those who use its facilities.

Former Sen. Klein was always there.

Finally, the developmentally disabled. Those, who through no fault of their own, are disabled.

The state of New York has been cutting their funds. It has been cutting staff and services to the point that so many organization that had been providing these services have had to close.

Jeff Klein was there.

Ms. Biaggi, I believe the way to accomplish things is to work with the opposition whenever possible.

Jeff Klein was punished for this, but it must be done. You have the opportunity to represent everyone. I hope you will do so.

Bill Stone

Bill Stone,