Resetting the record


To the editor:

(re: “Setting the record straight,” July 19)

This letter is in reference to the July 19 letter published in your paper from Wendy Steinberg, a Hebrew Home employee.

Ms. Steinberg apparently missed the point of Barbara Miller’s earlier letter opposing the Hebrew Home’s request to change zoning in order to build large buildings on their current site and on adjacent property.

Our objection is not against the proposed function of the buildings, but of the buildings themselves. Their proposal would detrimentally affect an area currently not zoned for large buildings regardless of what goes on inside. The present zoning is a contract with the city that assures the preservation of a quiet residential neighborhood.

Perhaps Ms. Steinberg has data that shows there is a need for a continuing care retirement community in the Bronx. If so, we suggest that the Hebrew Home seek an alternative site appropriately zoned for their proposed project either in Riverdale or elsewhere.

In our previous letter, it was mentioned that Riverdale is a reasonably priced, diverse community known for its natural beauty and scenic vistas, while providing shopping, medical services, good schools and a variety of services to seniors.

Riverdale is what it is partially due to the current zoning. We sincerely hope it can be preserved.

Barbara Miller, Martin Miller