Residents won't have to move cars for gas line work

Street sweeping is suspended on several streets until August


Con Edison already is tearing up several Riverdale streets to replace gas lines, which is causing enough headaches for residents in those areas. But at least now, they won't have to worry about finding a place to park when it's time for street cleaners to come through.

The city's sanitation department has suspended street cleaning until August for:

• Greystone Avenue from Manhattan College to West 238th Street
• Waldo Avenue from Manhattan College Parkway to West 238th Street
• Dash Place from West 242nd Street to Waldo Avenue
• West 240th Street from Greystone Avenue to Dash Place

The moratorium on alternate side street cleaning came after an intervention from Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, designed to ensure residents there don't have to seek out parking on cleaning days in neighborhoods where such parking already is at a premium.

"The work Con Edison is doing on gas lines in the neighborhood is expected to continue until August," Dinowitz said, in a release. "It is unreasonable to further reduce parking already impacted by this work by forcing residents to move cars for street cleaning. I hope that this will ease the burden that my constituents face as Con Edison continues to replace gas lines in the area to meet the increased demand."