Response? Sorry, no one's listening


To the editor:

(re: “Where was the liberal response?” April 5)

Once again, Mr. Alvin Gordon has expressed his opinion. He is certainly entitled to do so. However, there are two serious flaws with continuing to publish his diatribes:

First and foremost, he relies almost entirely on ad hominem attacks. Mr. Gordon: These are attacks on people and their character, not on people’s opinions. These attacks do not promote the good and reasonable exchange of ideas, which is what opinion pages have been about in my lifetime.

Going this route, unfortunately, we widen the chasm (polarization). Hasn’t Donald Trump already done enough of that? Why do we need more?

Hillary Clinton. I will say this every time I hear some sore winners like Mr. Gordon open their mouths and spew putridness: She is not the president. Give it up.

Mrs. Clinton is a private citizen, and if she stooped to the below-the-basement level of this writer, she would sue the man for libel. Perhaps those of us who respect her and her privacy can suggest such an action to her and her attorneys. One never knows …

I have said it before, and I repeat it: It is too bad, Mr. Gordon. If only you could channel your energy to something positive to help our community. We’d all say thank you.

Until then, you are entitled to your opinions. That is part of what is wonderful about living in this country.

And we can continue to ignore your angry, nasty, ugly and divisive diatribes. They serve no useful or helpful purpose — if anyone is still paying attention to them, other than myself.

Thankfully, we only have to read them in the paper. 

Mr. Gordon is not the type of person most civilized folks in Riverdale and Kingsbridge would enjoy meeting in person (opinion!).

Adam Stoler

Adam Stoler