Riverdale Girls' Soccer Team Scores Philanthropic Goals

Posted by jsgold

A group of 12-14 year old Riverdale girls are scoring goals to raise money for an after-school athletic and eduational program in the South Bronx, Organized by team member Batya Gold Wiener, who initiated the project as part of her bat mitzvah at the Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale, the girls are collecting pledges from donors for every goal the team scores over the course of the current Spring season. So far, the team, which plays every Sunday afternoon at the Ethical Culture Fieldston school athletic facility at the corner of Riverdale Avenue and 238th Street, is undefeated and has scored 11 goals. The team, which plays as part of the Riverdale Soccer Club league and goes by the name "Blues Clues" because of their sky blue uniforms, has raised more than $1,000. All of the money will be donated to Young Athletes Inc., which helps disadvantaged children in the South Bronx experience team sportsmanship. Young Athletes provides free athletic activities every weekend as well as one hour after school on weekdays (youngathletes.org; 360 145th Street, Bronx, N.Y. 10454). "Helping children locally is important because although we may live in different environments and lead different lives, we are all one society," said Miss Wiener. Come see the Blues Clues play this Sunday at 4.35 pm under the expert supervision of Coach Peter Hasslund when they take on the Maroon 15.