Police Beat

Rummager hits jackpot with unlocked Chevy


The New York Police Department’s 50th Precinct says residents can take steps to avoid being targeted by thieves. Leaving valuables in an unlocked vehicle is not one of them.

A 67-year-old probably wishes he’d heeded the 5-0’s advice. He told cops he emerged from his home on the 600 block of West 247th Street a little before 6 a.m., on June 22, to find a stranger rummaging through his 2017 Chevrolet Suburban he’d left unlocked in the driveway.

The rummager promptly abandoned his task, hopping into a blue sedan, police said, fleeing east on West 247th. But not before ferreting out a pair of prescription glasses, five pairs of electronic earbuds, 10 compact discs, and around $50 worth of coins.

Police valued the non-cash items at $2,300. They’re looking for a man they described as around 5-foot-7 and 170 pounds.


Thieves pounce on golden opportunity

It’s not the first time the Golden Phoenix has been hit by thieves recently.

In fact, it happened barely a month ago, according to the 50th Precinct, when someone reportedly waltzed through the unlocked front door and snatched $400, leaving behind a broken cash register.

It was déjà vu on June 18, when a 26-year-old worker showed up at the Riverdale Avenue eatery around 10 a.m., finding the cash register hurled to the floor like last time, and $400 once again gone.

Police are investigating the eerie second iteration of the Golden Phoenix burglary.


Nasty gash, fallen chain, failed robbery

He kept his chain. But he didn’t get out of it unscathed.

A 57-year-old told cops he was getting into his car on the northwest corner of Broadway and West 232nd Street in Kingsbridge when another guy walked up, punched him, demanded money, and snatched the chain from his neck.

It all happened after midnight on June 24. And to make matters worse, the man cut the victim’s right arm with what police described as a sharp object, before dropping the chain on the ground and running west on West 232nd. 

The wounded fellow drove himself to the hospital where he received 12 stitches.

Police say security cameras near West 232nd and Broadway may help them track down the would-be robber, whom they described as around 35 and 5-foot-11.


Sneaky perp pillages facial creams

At least one person was in the market for skincare products, but apparently had no interest in paying for them.

A CVS employee at the 565 W. 235th St., store in south Riverdale, told cops someone snagged more than $160 worth of MD Complete anti-wrinkle and facial creams a little before 11 p.m., on June 13.

No arrests have been made, and details on the mystery perp are sketchy. Police do say, however, security camera footage will probably help track down the smooth-faced criminal as they continue to investigate the petty larceny.


Wallet left on cart? Poof! It’s gone

A 25-year-old woman told cops she placed her wallet on a shopping cart while loading groceries into her car June 22.

She was in the parking lot of the Kingsbridge Stop & Shop at 5716 Broadway around lunchtime when she realized her wallet had mysteriously vanished, police said. Yet, she hadn’t noticed any shady characters lurking nearby.

The mystery thief reportedly pilfered multiple credit cards, the woman’s driver’s license, and a $200 Macy’s gift card.

Police are investigating.