Scammer tricks bodega out of bucks


When you pick up the phone, you never know who’s on the other line. They may be legit and just trying to help you. Or they might be a crafty scammer who bilks you out of thousands you can’t afford to lose.

The owner of Yogi Bodega at 556 W. 235th St., found out just how convincing scammers can be, according to police. The deli proprietor answered a call from someone claiming to be a Western Union employee around 2:30 p.m., on Nov. 25.

The caller said he was updating some systems, according to police. He instructed the victim to log into the store’s Western Union website. The caller got enough information from the business owner to take $3,403 out of its Western Union account, police said.

Late night tussle becomes crime scene

Police said two groups of people began arguing in front Parilla Latina Steakhouse on Broadway Nov. 28 4:30 a.m. Security guards intervened and broke up the heated argument.

That seemed to be the end of it, but no. Someone walked up to a 25-year-old man standing in front of the restaurant and shot him in the right arm, witnesses told police. The shooter got away in a newer model white BMW with dark window tint.

The victim’s friend drove him to Montefiore Medical Center in Wakefield for treatment. Police said the victim should recover from the wound.

Grandma scam target

A 90-year-old woman living on the 3900 block of Bailey Avenue received a call around 3:30 p.m., on Nov. 27, according to police, telling her that her grandson had been in an accident and needed money fast.

He gave her a number to someone he claimed was a lawyer, according to reports. The second person told her to get some cash — someone would be by to pick it up shortly.

A woman came by the victim’s apartment three times, taking a total of $26,800, according to reports.

Detectives are searching for a black woman, approximately 30 years old, and about 5-foot-3.