See something? Say something


To the editor:

As a concerned and involved lifelong Riverdalian, there are so many naturally beautiful areas in our neighborhood.

However, many things need improving or repairs, and must be addressed — from broken curbs, to potholes, graffiti, drag racing, dark lampposts, and much more.

The slogan, “If you see something, say something,” applies to Riverdale as well. I am constantly reporting situations that must be reported to 311. Then, the next stop is to contact Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz’s office, and give them that complaint number generated by 311, so they can follow up.

I agree, this method is extremely frustrating, especially when it often takes me an hour to report what I think is a simple issue that can be easily resolved. That’s because 311 often can’t locate streets in our area or find Henry Hudson Parkway, no matter how they try to input the information.

And cross-streets, just forget it.

New York City’s non-emergency system definitely needs to be upgraded so that complaints can be handled efficiently and in a more timely manner, for the caller as well as for the worker trying to deal with these numerous complaints. Unfortunately, with this antiquated system, much precious time is wasted.

Together we must try and improve the quality of our lives in Riverdale. Please help me to achieve this goal, one step at a time by anyone who is willing to take the time and effort to report these incidents.

I just can’t undertake this enormous task all by myself, as hard as I have been trying.

Thank you in advance for being a concerned citizen in our neck of the woods.

Carol Stricker


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Carol Stricker,