Sen. Jeffrey Klein is a Republican


To the editor:

As a constituent of Sen. Jeffrey Klein, I have been bombarded recently by printed oversized campaign cards stuck into my house’s mailbox. If you’re reading this, campaign folks: Stop. You are wasting my taxpayer’s dollars and your time.

The latest one stuck unwanted into our home smacks of desperation. “My opponent is being funded and helped by Manhattan political bosses, and I’m endorsed by our local Bronx leaders!” Excuse me, senator and your not-too-smart campaign: Are you serious? Are you kidding? Do you think we are all so ignorant that we cannot see through this unveiled naked desperation?

The people who support Alessandra Biaggi’s insurgency live in the district. We oppose the heavy-handedness of the so-called Benjamin Franklin “Reform” Democrats, the very same old-boy network that nominated and now supports you. In this case, they appear to trust your behavior: The rest of us supporting Alessandra Biaggi do not trust you one iota.

New York State should have by now:

• Guaranteed protections for women’s health and safety, including legal and safe abortion;

• Health care for all, guaranteed, means to be determined;

• Even stronger gun control laws;

• Even stronger tenant protections.

But under your deal of sharing power with the Republican Party because of a personal sleight that would have had you share a leadership post in the state senate, you made the (very poor) decision to caucus, share power and vote with the Republican Party, thus eschewing support for the above progressive causes, even as you deceptively held onto the label of “Democrat.”

You share blame for being a Trump Republican, that awful party, for purely personal reasons.

Now that a fresh face — one who supports much of what you avoided helping enact the last several years — is giving you the race of your political career, you resort to cheap Republican-type scare tactics attacking her. You, sir, behave like a Republican because the stink of that party has never left you.

You are tired and desperate. My personal suggestion is to bow out gracefully and take a job with either the Republican Party you so love, or a landlord group that has plowed lots of money seeking favors, into your campaign. They are more appropriate jobs for you.

We the people of this gerrymandered district deserve far better representation than a narcissistic mini-Trump.

By the way, perhaps you should look for inspiration to your associate, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, who serves our neighborhood as an effective advocate. Better still, since it is far too late for that, do what people who have had enough of your self-serving antics are doing: Vote for your opponent, and/or retire gracefully.

Get a job that will do what you do best: Serve Jeff Klein, not fraudulently argue that you are serving the constituents of our district. You aren’t, and haven’t for some time. Do the right thing and bow out before you are sent home packing, tail between your legs.

Voters of the district: You have a choice: Alessandra Biaggi represents the future, Jeff Klein the self-serving past. Vote for the future, and let’s take it back.

P.S.: For you Klein diehards, you’ll likely still be able to vote for him this November as he will likely run on the Republican line where he belongs.

Adam Stoler

Adam Stoler,