Police Beat

Shadowy thief slips into home sideways


Persistence pays, even if crime doesn’t.

One stealthy criminal reportedly put that theory to the test. After they couldn’t get in through the window of a 28-year-old man’s apartment on the 2700 block of Webb Avenue, police say, they snuck in through a side door, disabled a security camera system, and ransacked the place before running off to parts unknown in the early morning hours of July 19.

The mystery perp reportedly made off with a drill, a saw, various other tools, a plumbing snake, and a Nintendo GameCube video game console. Police valued the bounty at $1,200.


Sneaky scratcher scores hat trick

Someone probably was feeling mischievous in Fieldston heading into a recent weekend.

A 58-year-old told cops he parked a trio of vehicles on the 3900 block of Fieldston Road the early evening of June 27, returning the next afternoon around lunchtime to find all three badly scratched.

The guy’s 2014 Nissan Xterra was scored on the driver’s side from rear to front, police said, while the scratcher targeted the opposite side of the man’s 2015 BMW. And they laid siege to multiple spots of his 2016 BMW motorcycle.

It’s case closed, cops said, although there are cameras in the area, which could help them track down and arrest the rakish perp. If they do, they’ll likely charge him or her with criminal mischief.


Sport bike missing

A 32-year-old told police he parked his blue 2008 Yamaha R1 sport bike motorcycle on the 670 block of West 239th Street in Riverdale, around 8 p.m., on May 21, returning the next morning around 9 only to find it missing.

But he may not have missed it too badly, because police said it took him more than a month to report it, on July 3. It’s not clear whether there are cameras in the area, meaning the Yamaha’s whereabouts remain a mystery. For now.

Cops are on the lookout for the seemingly forgettable Yamaha, valued at $6,000.