She came in through the bathroom ceiling?


Beauty may be pain, but certainly less so than a burglary.

That’s the hard lesson a beauty salon on West 231st Street learned sometime between 7:30 p.m., on Dec. 12 and 9:45 a.m., the following day. While the salon was closed, a burglar snuck in through the roof and stole $200 worth of stuff.

Cameras on scene weren’t working, unfortunately, but the 50th Precinct detective squad is investigating.

Don’t leave the engine running

A man was just trying to make a quick stop at the liquor store at 5790 Broadway one recent evening, police say, but it didn’t go so well.

The man left his 2007 Honda Odyssey running, with the key inside, while he ran into the store for a few minutes. While he was inside, he told authorities, he watched as a man in a black sweater, sweatpants and skullcap hopped into the car, gunning it down Broadway.

There’s no indication where the car might be now, and detectives are investigating.

— Kirstyn Brendlen

Happy ‘Honda-days’? 

Just a few weeks before Christmas, one Grinch stole a lot more than just toys.

A woman parked her 2020 Honda sedan outside of the 30 block of Adrian Avenue, the evening of Dec. 11. She returned the following morning to find someone had made off with her car, which police valued at $35,000. 

It was a clean getaway, as police found no shattered glass at the scene. Additionally, there were no active cameras at the scene of the crime, and a search of the area came up empty.

Watch that car!

It’s important to lock your car every time you leave it — especially if it’s double-parked.

That was a tough lesson to learn for one 24-year-old who parked his car on Broadway near West 238th Street to go inside the Bank of America for a quick minute on Nov. 8.

It was a minute too long, though, and he could only watch as someone jumped into his Toyota RAV-4, with the keys inside, and drove north on Broadway.

Even worse, the man had left his Michael Kors watch, worth about $200, inside the car, police said. He found himself out more than $23,000 for the car and timepiece.

— Kirstyn Brendlen