Shot in the dark


Fireworks are the hallmark of July 4. And while they’re enjoyable to watch from a distance, they also can be really loud. Sometimes so loud that you might have not heard yourself get shot.

That’s what happened to the dismay of one 17-year-old victim as he was walking through Van Cortlandt Park with his mother near West 242nd Street on Independence Day. The teen suffered a mysterious injury to his right leg around 10 p.m., according to a report. An X-ray at Allen Hospital in Inwood revealed he’d been shot.


Home improvement is a real steal

A trip to Home Depot is usually the way to get power tools and other items for home improvement. But one perp decided to skip the hefty price tag and instead burglarize a construction vehicle.

The burglary went down at the northwest corner of Van Cortlandt Park West and Van Cortlandt Avenue West, according to police, sometime during the overnight hours between June 22 and June 23.

The thief broke the front right passenger window of a 2018 Ford Transit vehicle, grabbing a jackhammer, a Milwaukee saw and a plumber snake. In all, police valued the theft at $1,850.

Police have no camera footage available. Yet detectives continue to investigate.