Should Altice be allowed inside?


To the editor:

I live in the Bronx, and have subscribed to the Altice cable service for years. Recently, we were having problems with cable and they scheduled a repair technician. I told them I wanted the tech to have proof of both vaccine doses, must wear a mask, and sanitize his hands when entering.

They put this on the order. The tech called me and said the company doesn’t have a policy. I was upset since my wife has an immune deficiency and cannot be exposed to people not fully vaccinated, and with that there is still high risk.

I called the company and their policy does not include a requirement for vaccines when dealing with the public.

This is unacceptable. With 700,000 deaths in this country and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommending full vaccines and boosters for those eligible, where is the oversight for Altice?

As a customer of Altice, I have a right to see proof of vaccine before anyone enters my home. When these same workers go into restaurants, they must present proof of vaccine, so why can’t I expect the same?

Every city, state and federal agency has some type of mandated proof. All of us require communications for personal, business, social, leisure and educational connections. We are counting on utilities to respond to the communities they serve. These same companies are fighting for work, stimulus dollars, infrastructure monies, and city and state contracts to provide families with internet, and they don’t have a policy to protect our neighbors?

Where is our protection?

Truthfully, I don’t expect to get a callback or see a tech, because I alone don’t have the power to get their attention.

It’s time we the people who approve these utilities to operate in our area — I mean all of them that operate on licenses, government franchises, construction and right-of-way permits — to meet the highest standards. Their customers have rights to expect full protection in their operating methods, whether it’s in the streets or in our homes.

On behalf of everyone who will need service personnel entering their home, we demand protection from COVID-19 just as we would expect if someone was bringing electric, water, cleaning agents, insecticides, paints, or any diseases into the sanctity of our homes.

Edward Eiseman

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Edward Eiseman,