Police Beat

Sleeping subway rider loses phone


Police say it should be a golden rule — don’t fall asleep while riding the subway. But a 55-year-old man probably was too worn-out to listen.

He told police he got on the uptown 1 train at West 86th Street and Broadway around 2 a.m., Aug. 19, settled down for a long snooze, and awoke around three hours later at West 242nd Street. 

There he found his right front pocket slashed open and his smartphone missing.

The man, who reportedly had been sitting near the middle of the car close to the door, had no idea who could’ve sliced his pocket, nor was anyone hovering over him when he emerged from his slumber.

No security camera footage was available from the subway station platform, police said, nor did a report mention anything about cameras in the train itself.

Police valued the phone — a Samsung Galaxy J7 — at $250.


Check cashed, cash stashed

A 22-year-old construction worker told cops he cashed his paycheck and stuffed the money into his wallet, which he reportedly shoved into a cubbyhole inside a commercial truck parked at the southwest corner of Riverdale Avenue and West 232nd Street on the edge of Ewen Park a little before lunchtime on Aug. 23.

He returned later that afternoon to find his wallet still there, but the cash — a cool $800 — gone.

It’s still a mystery who might have ferreted out the bills, but police are looking into the burglary.


Acura scratched

When thieves aren’t snatching up cars left and right, other delinquents are stirring up all manner of mischief — including the scratchy variety.

A 20-year-old woman told police she parked her 2006 Acura on the northeast corner of University and Reservoir avenues along the southern edge of the Jerome Park Reservoir around 5 p.m., on Aug. 21, returning the next day around lunchtime to find someone had taken a key to all four sides of her ride. That included the hood, trunk, and both the driver- and passenger-side doors.

Police didn’t place a value on the damage, but they’re on the lookout for whoever decided to dabble in criminal mischief.