So, Trump was right all along


To the editor:

(re: “Tale of two pandemic leaders,” April 9)

The Riverdale Press editorial aptly fits one of the definitions of the word “tale,” a fictitious story.

The reality of press coverage regarding Gov. Andrew Cuomo is much different than you have painted. Cuomo’s response to the virus has been nothing short of disastrous. One, Cuomo refused to close the subways, one of the chief carriers of the virus early on. He astonishingly waited until April 29 to finally disinfect the subways.

He waited months, allowing the virus to propagate unfettered.

Meanwhile, nursing homes saw massive outbreaks and large-scale deaths. What was his response? To blame the nursing homes for his incompetence. Take a look at how successful Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida has been, especially compared to New York, all the while the media initially going after him for his policies.

Cuomo’s leadership has been absolutely horrific during this crisis.

The media told us that this will be Trump’s “Katrina.” Effective in early February, Trump shut the borders and restricted travel from China. He was called “xenophobic” and “racist” by many, including Joe Biden, who had to eventually retract his comments.

I will never forget seeing the relief and joy in the city that the HNS Comfort brought when it docked in our city. The Javitz Center also was mobilized and ready to help. Samaritan’s Purse set up tents in Central Park.

This was, in large part, mobilized at the direction of the president.

Strong borders and national sovereignty are not incidental to a peaceful, prosperous and safe country. On these matters, the president has been right all along. And that is a fact that no one can spin away.

John Canny

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John Canny,