So, what is it that you stand for?


To the editor:

Charles Moerdler, former chair of Community Board 8 and current land use committee chair, has written several times in this newspaper about the rising tide of anti-Semitism.

I am a baby boomer, and as such, have always felt that the United States was indeed the “Goldene Medinah,” or the “Golden Land.” By the time I was ready for college, Jews were accepted in most professions, and all that stood between a person and success was ability.

I have been watching for more than 25 years how the tide of anti-Semitism has been rising in this country. Much of it has been coming from our colleges and universities, which despite lip service to freedom of speech, have been using diverse ways to delegitimize Jews.

Lest you, the reader, think this is really about the red herring of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, go back to the ‘90s when the howl on campus was that “Jews ran the slave trade.”

During the recent protests, Jewish stores and synagogues in Los Angeles were targeted and damaged. The American papers did not run the story. Recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsed Ilhan Omar, a proud and outspoken anti-Semite for her re-election campaign. Again, the story did not run. And now, Twitter has decided that the Star of David — a Jewish symbol for more than a thousand years — is a symbol of hate. I do not expect that story to run either.

Remember, for hate to win, all it takes is for good people to do nothing. What do you stand for?

Sura Jeselsohn

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Sura Jeselsohn,