Sock stealer is cornered, collared


A man apparently needed new socks so bad he was willing to break the law for it.

An employee at the T.J. Maxx store on West 230th Street in Kingsbridge told cops they spotted a guy snatching dozens of both men’s and women’s socks of sundry styles and brands — Converse, Reebok, Saucony, Nine West, Ellen Tracy — all valued at around $77.

When a security guard confronted the man at around 8 p.m., on March 5, he whipped out what police believe was a knife and insisted he’d swiped not a single sock before marching out of the store, according to a report. But the guard wasn’t ready to give up, it seems, because they followed the fellow south along Broadway, before linking up with a police officer.

The cop-civilian crime-fighting duo reportedly continued searching for the guy, until they finally spied him slipping in and out of a building on the 5400 block of Broadway.

The 40-year-old sock snatcher was arrested and charged with robbery.


Luxury ride’s rims, tires stripped

The variables may change, but it seems the crime itself is constant — another set of rims and tires taken.

A 38-year-old told police she parked her red 2019 Acura MDX on the 6400 block of Broadway next to Van Cortlandt Park in North Riverdale around suppertime Feb. 23. But when she returned the next day around lunchtime, both of her car’s right-side rims and tires were missing.

Police valued the pair of Continental tires at $500, a little less than the two Acura rims. Meanwhile, they’re looking into the grand larceny.


Door unlocked, iPad Pro purloined

A North Riverdale man may have second thoughts about leaving the door to his home unlocked.

The 52-year-old told police someone forced open a rear window and snuck inside his apartment on the 5500 block of Fieldston Road some time after 8 a.m., Feb. 22, apparently after he’d left for the day. Although, the mystery intruder might’ve had an easier time sauntering straight in, since the man habitually — and inexplicably — leaves his front door unlocked, according to a report.

The invader reportedly slipped out, probably through the same window through which they’d entered, or through the front door, before the man returned that evening around suppertime.

It was then he reportedly discovered his Apple iPad Pro — valued by police at around $1,200 — had vanished, along with $30 worth of loose change.

Cops searched the area to no avail. But they’re looking into the burglary.


Open apartment cakewalk for criminals

A Kingsbridge Heights woman probably isn’t thrilled her boyfriend seems to have inadvertently offered thieves easy access to her home recently in what police say likely was a quick in-and-out heist.

A 58-year-old told cops he left his girlfriend’s place on the 2700 block of Kingsbridge Terrace around lunchtime Feb. 16. But apparently his mind was on matters other than securing her apartment, because he left the front door unlocked.

The unlocked door wasn’t a secret for too long because when he returned the following Friday afternoon around 3 finding several electronics had disappeared. Those included a DVD player and two televisions, all valued by police at around $400.

Security cameras in the building could help track the alleged thieves, and police are investigating the burglary.


Man missing Maserati, kicks

Imported luxury vehicles don’t always come with a nice pair of sneakers to boot — but they can, for some local car thieves.

A 58-year-old told police he parked his black 2010 Maserati Quattroporte on the 3400 block of Irwin Avenue in Kingsbridge — not too far from the 50th Precinct — around suppertime Feb. 19. But when he returned the following morning, it was gone.

Police searched the area, but no signs of the sporty ride. The owner, meanwhile, claims he owed the bank no payments on it, and lack of security cameras, witnesses and broken glass reportedly deepen the mystery as to its whereabouts.

But along with the car, the alleged thieves also made off with a pair of Nike sneakers, valued at around $150.

Case closed otherwise, but cops are keeping an eye out for the speedy sedan, valued at a cool $35,000.