Solved? Police arrest Riverdale man accused of several robberies

Jorge Ventura lived in the neighborhood near the robberies


A string of robberies that plagued both Riverdale and Kingsbridge over the past few weeks might be over.

Terence O'Toole, deputy inspector of the New York Police Department's 50th Precinct, told The Riverdale Press that a man wanted in connection with several robberies — including three on Thursday — was arrested late Thursday.

Jorge Ventura, 49, of 500 W. 235th St., has been charged with robbery and displaying a firearm, for all six robberies, including three on Thursday at Dunkin' Donuts at West 231st Street, and both DJ Drugs & Surgical and Park Terrace Unisex Salon on Riverdale Avenue.

He also was charged with other recent robberies, including both Burger King on Broadway and Kidville on West 235th Street, around mid-May, and the Subway restaurant robbery on Memorial Day weekend. 

In nearly every robbery, police said a man walked in, claimed to have a weapon that he never showed, and walked away — sometimes with small amounts of cash, or like at Subway last week, around $1,500.

Despite this recent string of crime, robberies in the 50th Precinct remains lower as of the end of May compared to last year — 34 reported incidents compared to 44. Crime overall in the precinct is down 17 percent, according to data released by the NYPD.