Some don't deserve it


To the editor:

(re: “Change for the better: Seeking second chances,” June 10)

In her recent Point of View, Stacy Kinlock Sewell talked about two “prison reform” bills currently in the state legislature, but only presents one side of the issue.

This issue is an extremely personal one for me and my immediate and extended families. My ex-brother-in-law is currently serving a 25-year sentence for strangling his wife — my beautiful sister-in-law — to death in 2009. We worked for 10 hard years to get justice served because this dangerous sociopath covered his tracks to make it look like an accident.

If enacted into law, he would be eligible for parole only 10 years into his sentence. He brutally murdered an exceptional mother, friend, business executive and daughter, and ruined the lives of his children.

Ms. Kinlock Sewell fails to mention that many other hardened criminals would be let free with this dangerous proposed piece of legislation. My family and I are certain that, once let free, this lunatic will come to find us.

It is appalling that people seem to be so concerned with prisoner rights at the cost of victims of the crime. If you had something like this happen in your family, you would want the rights of the victims and families to come first.

Margaret Danishefsky

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