Some problems with the mail


To the editor:

(re: “Biaggi fights Trump’s post office changes,” Aug. 27)

I am writing about the current state of the U.S. Postal Service.

I live in a 299-family co-operative in Riverdale. In the past two weeks, our usual letter carrier has been on vacation. Two glaring issues have arisen:

• There were bags and boxes of unattended mail that accumulated in our lobby from Aug. 29 until late in the day Aug. 31, when a USPS carrier finally appeared to distribute three days of accumulated mail into our individual mailboxes.

• On Tuesday, Sept. 1, there was no mail delivery at all. The letter carrier who came to pick up the newly deposited mail told the doorman there were no staff members available to bring the mail to the building, or to distribute it.

I wanted to be sure to document how tampering with the USPS operations is affecting U.S. citizens. I will continue to document this and to bring it to your attention for what I hope will be investigation and restoration of the USPS to its former condition.

I hope you agree this is unacceptable.

Adele Schwartz

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Adele Schwartz,