Someone with spark


To the editor:

Daniel Padernacht has earned my first-choice vote for the March 23 city council special election. I also work on his campaign.

“If you’re a feminist,” I’ve been asked, “then why aren’t you supporting a woman for city council?” This is an excellent question with an easy answer. Dan’s enormous competence will best serve the women, men and children of the Northwest Bronx. His legal, economic and regional expertise are second-to-none.

Dan knows the court system and the current challenges that befall women who seek protection from damaging familial scenarios. I have seen him in housing court, where he acts like a social worker arriving at humane solutions.

Dan will fight for equal pay for women and residents of minority and immigrant status.

Dan understands the nuances of economic disparity and economic development. He is developing new models of affordable housing. He will advocate for the growth and development of schools, as well as the children and teachers who inhabit them.

He knows that our senior citizens need free legal counsel and reliable centers for meals and social engagement. He will craft environmental legislation with lasting impact.

There is actually a long line of female advisors and volunteers on Dan’s campaign. Beginning with the ardent champion who is his mom, this list includes schoolmates, college buddies, neighborhood activists, community board colleagues, and neighbors diverse in age and background.

These women all know Dan’s earnestness and his particular dedication to the principles of public service. They have witnessed his aptitude for problem-solving.

Dan believes in governmental integrity. He appreciates feats of engineering, but knows that political machines are cynical, self-serving entities. That political dynasties devolve communities.

Why is Dan’s local community board leadership meaningful? It means that he already has managed a city agency and its budget. It means that there is not another city agency with which he has not navigated on behalf of our neighborhoods and neighbors. It means that he knows the process behind progress.

To effectively recover from this pandemic and to partner in innovation beyond it, the women and men of the Northwest Bronx would do well to elect the candidate who is already ready to serve them in city council.

Jennifer Firestone

The author is the manager for Dan Padernacht’s city council campaign.

Jennifer Firestone,