Sometimes DOT does indeed listen


To the editor:

(re: “DOT doesn’t ever listen to us,” Dec. 12)

A recent response I got from the city’s transportation department would belie the experience outlined in the letter from Mary Harrington.

The pothole stretch of Fairfield Avenue between West 250th and West 253rd streets was sorely in need of repaving, having been avoided with past city officials hiding under the unbelievable excuse that the road had not been deeded to the city.

Following attending a meeting of Community Board 8’s traffic and transportation committee where I met Bronx borough transportation commissioner Nivardo Lopez, a solicitation by my wife and myself of letters to him from the 23 homeowners on this stretch of road citing its deplorable condition, a letter to the editor to this newspaper, and in response to a call to 311, Commissioner Lopez’s office arranged for the repaving to take place this fall.

Today, it is one of the smoothest stretches of road in all of Riverdale.

Avrum Hyman

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Avrum Hyman