Sorry, but Klein is no Democrat


To the editor:

A simple question. What role is the local Democratic Party organization playing in the farce labeled “IDC”?

Perhaps they need to be run out of town. Folks like Andrew Cohen and any others that blindly support the gerrymandering that gives Jeffrey “the fool” Klein his safe, electoral district.

Take a look at the map of this district. It runs from Riverdale across the entire borough of the Bronx, leaving our apartment-laden neighborhoods in favor of single-family home geographics. A skinny ribbon that looks like the Republicans designed it to help their buddy, Jeffrey Klein. 

What type of district is that? A Republican district for a real Republican.

So, Democratic Party: Why are you still backing this Republican?

Go ahead and defend this, Mr. Klein. But please be sure to clean your socks after your foot is pulled form your big mouth. You are a Democrat like I have a bridge to sell you. You are only self-serving.

How about un-gerrymandering our district? What exactly are you afraid of, Mr. Klein? That your cushy job cannot survive an honest vote?

Perhaps it is time to run an independent campaign, organized by those of us who are sick and tired of self-congratulatory politicos like Klein. After all, have we all seen the “newspaper” put out by Klein that does nothing but extol him? The one that this clown mails to his “constituents” at taxpayer expense?

Hey, Jeffrey, go get your big donor buddies to foot the bill for your Trump-style self congratulatory nonsense. 

In fact, jump ship and join the GOP — your ethics are just like those of Trump. You’ll feel right at home.

Mr. Klein, stop with your phony two-bit lies you put forth. “Honoring veterans”? Please.

Honor all your constituents. You can start by resigning from the Democratic Party before we, the citizens, run your sorry rear end out of it.

You are a fraud, and you have a political bull’s-eye on your back.

Ready, Riverdale. Aim. Fire. Goal No. 1: Unseat this charlatan in 2018, and all those in the Democratic Party who support him.

Adam Stoler

Adam Stoler