Stabbing crook cuts off finger


An early-morning fight outside a Broadway bar put one man in the hospital and sent another man on the run — without part of a finger.

A 35-year-old victim argued with another man around 1 a.m., outside Keenan’s Bar & Grill at 5588 Broadway, near West 231st Street, according to police. When the victim turned his back to return inside the bar, the alleged attacker stabbed him repeatedly in the back.

The assailant then took off southbound along Broadway, leaving behind a piece of a finger from his left hand — possibly his index finger, police said. The victim was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital on Third Avenue, where he was listed in stable condition.

The 5-0’s detective squad is investigating the felony assault.

Investigators are looking for the stabber, who they described as a Hispanic male, mid- to late-20s, with a beard, a large tattoo on the bottom of his right forearm, and a tattoo on his upper right arm. He was last seen wearing a red baseball hat, white T-shirt, and dark-colored shorts.

Senior’s car left on blocks

Week after week, thieves target cars in Kingsbridge Heights, often just south of the Jerome Park Reservoir where streets are often deserted at night.

A 77-year-old man became the trend’s most recent victim after all four tires and rims were stolen from his 2018 Honda Accord, police said. The man left his car parked outside an apartment building on the 2700 block of University Avenue, around 7 p.m., on June 18, discovering it without wheels the next morning.

The tires were valued at $1,000 each, and the rims were valued at $500 each.

Park bathrooms vandalized

Graffiti went global in the decades since its boom in the 1970s and ‘80s in New York City.

But not every street artist is changing the world. And police don’t expect that’s what they found June 18 after a city parks employee discovered the bathrooms at Seton Park were covered with graffiti tags.

The stalls, the sinks and even the urinals were covered in amateurish and indecipherable scrawl, police said. The damage will cost the city $250 to repair.