Stabbing over booze at Fort Indy Houses


They had alcohol to sell, but he didn’t want to buy. The result, according to police? A stabbing.

A 26-year-old man was on his way out of the Fort Independence Houses on Bailey Avenue around dinnertime June 16, when he was approached by two men trying to sell him alcohol. When the would-be customer hesitated, police say the duo began attacking him, stabbing him in the face at several points with a sharp object. 

The attack cut the man’s lip and left an open wound on the left side of his face, police said. Despite his injuries, the man didn’t go to the hospital until early the next morning.

Police describe the wannabe salesmen as between 17 and 28 years old. 

Stolen UPS package worth $3,000

Getting a package stolen from your doorstep is bad enough. But when a package is taken from your doorstep inside your apartment building? That can be really tough.

One 27-year-old man who lives on the 5600 block of Netherland Avenue found that out after telling police a UPS package containing more than $3,000 worth of smartphones went missing.

UPS reported the package arrived May 6, but the intended recipient never saw it, police said. Yet, he didn’t report it stolen until May 19. When he did, the man told police two iPhones and a Samsung Galaxy S10 were inside.

Woman hands over $1,500 to scammers

A 64-year-old woman who lives on the 6200 block of Broadway recently learned why authorities have been louder than usual about email and phone scams.

Police said the woman received an email from someone purporting to be her boss, asking for $1,500 in Google Play gift cards, promising she would be reimbursed at work.

By the time the woman realized what happened, a month had passed, police said.