Police Beat

Staircase robbers lurk, then attack


The northwest Bronx is known for its steep step streets, some of which serve as a canvas for vibrant street art. But stairs also can turn into a crime spot.

A 46-year-old told police he was walking home along the northwest corner of Summit Place and Heath Avenue in Kingsbridge Heights around 2:20 a.m., March 9. But as he was ascending a flight of steps, he ran into a couple of strangers, seemingly just waiting and ready to pounce.

The two men allegedly confronted the guy, one of them pulling out a knife and ordering him, “Give me everything,” while his accomplice pried away $200 cash and an LG V30 cell phone police valued at around $300.

The victim — who police believe got through it all physically unscathed — called the cops, and together they searched the area for his alleged attackers, coming up empty.

Police described one of the suspects as around 5-foot-5, clad in a black hooded jacket, blue sandals, and possibly black sweatpants. The other man stood an inch or so taller, with black jeans and sneakers.


Neglected wallet entices thievery

Police say leaving valuable personal belongings unattended in public places is a good way to lose them — and make a criminal’s lucky day.

A 65-year-old told cops she was shopping at the Dollar Tree at 5687 Broadway in Kingsbridge around 2 p.m., March 1, but realized around a half hour later a stealthy thief had swiped her wallet she’d inexplicably left atop a counter in the store.

Along with the brown wallet — for which no value was reported — the mystery thief reportedly made off with multiple credit cards, plus a MetroCard and the woman’s driver’s license.

It’s unclear whether security cameras at the store could help cops put a face to the suspected criminal, but they’re investigating.


Fire escape thief heists jewelry, bike

Criminals can be clever when it comes to finding a way into apartments, but unlocked windows make their job easier.

A 28-year-old, who apparently left her Riverdale home on the 3600 block of Johnson Avenue around 9:30 a.m., March 7, claims she returned to an unpleasant surprise the following Saturday night after 11.

She told cops a mystery thief snuck into her apartment while she was gone, through a rear fire escape window that actually already was broken and couldn’t lock. The intruder made off with a bicycle, a pair of Guess watches, six gold necklaces, a couple of gold bracelets — all valued at around $1,200 — before probably slipping out through the woman’s front door.

Cops searched the area, but no sign of the alleged thief, although security cameras could lend a clue as they investigate the burglary.