Starving animals is disgraceful


To the editor:

(re: “Proposed ban on wildlife feeding earns jeers,” March 28)

Some people think birds need to be fed birdseed in the winter months in New York City. What makes people think that our most lovely New Yorkers have food supply in the spring, summer and fall?

They see flowers in springtime, green leaves on the trees. Birds still need to eat daily, just like people need to eat daily. Seeds and oils from ground nuts, black oil sunflower seeds, clean water are essential to life for a bird.

Flowers and green leaves do not make a bird able to eat daily nutritional requirements. It is not a season. It is a daily need.

Squirrels need nuts, seeds and clean water to drink. This is a daily requirement. How can anyone live without food or water to drink? No one can.

The parks in New York City are man-made environments. The wildlife was never considered, this is clearly seen. Not one clean water source for the wildlife was provided in parks. No hazelnut, or walnut trees — the nuts squirrels are native to.

No sunflower seeds, nothing for a squirrel to eat in New York City’s man-made parks.

If the loving, caring people were not feeding these previous New Yorkers daily, we would not have any wildlife. They would starve to death.

These lovely birds, squirrels and ducks are filled with love. They bring such joy to so many people. People come to the parks to feed them by hand and get delighted in the joyous experience. Joy and beauty in New York City parks is the wildlife. How can anyone think of starvation? We are bonded to these beauties, and they make the parks and this city alive.

Let’s keep them alive with love, care, and see them have joy, the joy they give us. Feeders educate, spread the seeds, spread the love.

Shame on the parks department for even proposing such a horrifying thought. Disgraceful, children are crying to think the birds, squirrels and ducks they run to see and feed are being talked about this way.

Open your eyes, parks department. Open your hearts and apologize to all you bring tears to.

Starvation can never be. The thought of this proposal is a disgrace.

Feed the hungry. We love them.

Teresa Vuoso

Teresa Vuoso,