Sticking it to an innocent man


A man suffered injuries on his face and hand Jan. 21, after he was reportedly attacked by another man armed with a wooden stick.

It happened at GG&J Deli at 151 W. 228th St., around 7:30 p.m., police said, beginning inside when someone approached the customer asking, “What the (expletive) is your problem?” before walking away.

When the customer walked out of the store, he found the same man waiting outside, police said. It was there he was attacked.

Investigators describe the man as having curly wavy hair, a medium skin tone and a clear complexion. He was said to be wearing blue jeans and a beige coat.

There also were cameras in the deli and the surrounding area, which police hope might aid their search.


They stole my heart

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but one thief got an early start by stealing a car filled with items fit for the holiday.

A woman parked her blue 2020 Honda CR-V on the 3000 block of Palisade Avenue around dinnertime Jan. 22, returning later to discover someone had stolen her car — and her heart.

Also taken, police said, were two Tommy Hilfiger shirts, a pair of Ugg boots, and two car floor mats.

Combined, police valued the contents of the car at around $600.

Police continue to investigate, but might need Cupid’s help because there were no surveillance cameras nearby.


Know before you dial

Don’t trust just any phone number you find on Google.

That’s the lesson a woman learned when a scammer, posing as PayPal customer service, tricked her into giving up her Social Security number and banking information over the phone.

She told police she noticed more than $28,000 had been removed from her account when she checked the next day, Jan. 24.

Police are investigating.


Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock

If you’re going to walk home at 1:30 in the morning, maybe it’s best not to have an expensive guitar with you.

That might be the harsh reality for a man robbed of his Daniel Frederick 1971 concert guitar on the 2400 block of Palisade Avenue on Jan. 25. The perp, according to police, shoved the man to the ground, stole the guitar, and took off heading south on Palisade.

There wasn’t much to go on about the thief, only that he was wearing a black sweater and blue jeans, and had straight hair.

The guitar was valued at $40,000, and detectives from the 5-0 are investigating.