Still more work for adoptees


To the editor:

In a historic landslide win, more than 600,000 adoptees in New York will be able to access their original birth certificates starting in mid-January. I’m proud to have fought for a clean bill giving back us adoptees what rightfully belongs to us for the past 19 years.

There are a few things that need to be cleared up. Original birth certificates contain an adoptee’s original name and the names of their biological parents. Birth parent privacy does not exist on the law books, nor should a biological mother or biological father receive privacy.

My interviews with hundreds of psychology professors and first mothers prove that. When someone claims someone deserves privacy, does — for example — a biological father who beat his pregnant girlfriend and pushed her down the stairs to try and induce an abortion deserve privacy? Absolutely not!

What people need is a psychologist or therapist. Original birth certificates were sealed because Sen. Herbert Lehman bought two kidnapped children from the child kidnapper Georgia Tann. He then had original birth certificates sealed to hide what he did, and she created the birth parent privacy lie.

You can read about her in “The Baby Thief” by Barbara Raymond.

Unsealing original birth certificates will not increase abortions because it has not anywhere else. Being pro-life myself, it’s very pro-birth and anti-pro-life to care about an unborn baby but not care about equality for living human beings. According to the Guttmacher Institute, the United States would need a conservative estimate of a 5,400 percent increase in infant adoptions to eradicate abortions, and a majority of first mothers never considered abortions.

No, not even rape survivors deserve privacy because, according to my friends who conceived their children in rape, that would blame the child.

Unsealing original birth certificates allows people to prove existence prior to adoption, brings closure, allows for connections when safe and possible, much easier access to biological family medical information, knowledge of one’s heritage, and will expose unethical behavior and corruption, such as putting false names (which is why adoptees should still use ancestral DNA testing), false birthdates, splitting apart twins without telling them, ignoring the calls, letters and emails from first mothers who asked for their baby within the legal timeframe, known rapes of minors that were never reported, and so much more.

It will help police solve some cold-case homicides.

A lot of people are about to be sued or be sent to prison, and I’m thrilled.

Finally, we unsealed original birth certificates, we did not seal records. Records are something entirely different.

Megan DePerro


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Megan DePerro,