Street parking eliminated on 254th street and Palisade Avenue

Posted by aVoiceOfReason

Approximately two weeks ago, the City posted No Parking signs on West 254th Street and Palisade Avenue, eliminating much needed parking spots for the Metro North commuters. Timing for this couldn't be worse as a large swath of the public parking lot owned by Metro North is closed due to construction.

What public benefit could possibly be seen from eliminating the street parking? Who is behind this decision and what was their reason for doing so? If I had to venture a guess, I would say that either one of the homeowners located on that block made a donation to some pinheaded politician because they didn't like seeing cars parked outside their window or MetroNorth or Laz (the parking lot operator) petitioned to have the street parking removed to create more demand for the use of their lot.

Speak up and have them correct this boneheaded decision!!