Stupid perp is as stupid perp does


Some smart guy and his pal are in jail because he thought with his gun’s barrel instead of his head.

A 20-year-old man parked his car on the 3900 block of Sedgwick Avenue not long before midnight Sept. 11. As he walked to his door, he noticed one shifty character scoot past him on the sidewalk. Before he knew it, a second man got in his face, police said, pulling out a silver-tone revolver, pointed directly at the victim’s chest.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” the gunman said, according to a report.

The armed man went through the victim’s pockets and took an iPhone 8 and a Louis Vuitton wallet containing his driver’s license, Chase debit and credit cards, and a Bank of America debit card. Police valued the stolen property at $1,100.

But joke’s on the perps, because the victim called 911 and gave police a good description of the men. After canvassing the area, cops found two guys who the victim picked out of a line-up. They were arrested and charged less than an hour after the robbery.


Chase that dollar

A 77-year-old woman checked her bank accounts only to find someone helped themselves to $70,000 of her hard-earned money.

Police were called in by the 3775 Riverdale Ave., branch of Chase Bank on Sept. 4. A customer found someone had withdrawn the money from several of her accounts over the course of a few months.

They used the woman’s credit and debit cards, police said.


Now you see it …

You may have heard warnings not to be mess with your cell phone while driving. Maybe you shouldn’t be on it while shopping, either.

A 41-year-old woman told police she was picking up some groceries at Stop & Shop on Broadway around 2 p.m., on Sept. 7. As she pushed her cart around the store, her phone rang. The conversation was pretty distracting, according to police, because she walked away from the cart, leaving her clutch-style purse sitting in it.

When the woman came back, the purse was gone. She went to the store’s management to see if perhaps she dropped it, police said, but to no avail.

The purse-snatcher also got the woman’s debit and credits, police said, along with a transit check, an ID card, and keys.

The thief tried using one of the victim’s credit cards, authorities said, but fortunately it had already been canceled.