Surprise free storage, complete with bonus


A man parked his 2019 Honda CR-V on the corner of Hillman and Sedgwick avenues on April 8, and then went about his day. But when he returned later, he already could see something was amiss.

The front passenger-side window was shattered, and the back passenger-side door was damaged. When he looked inside, he found that two containers used to organize shelves had been stolen from the backseat, alongside $1,000 in cash.

The thief likely has some nice and tidy shelves, and with no witnesses and no cameras, they might be able to evade investigation for a while.

Missing money, but no checks

A woman living on University Avenue in Kingsbridge Heights opened her bank statement to find something strange: just over $200 was missing that she was pretty sure she hadn’t spent.

The woman reported the loss to police, but said she was still in possession of all her cards, and hadn’t been subject to any of the myriad check-fishing schemes that have become common in the northwest Bronx recently.

Police believe someone must have nabbed her card details, and are still investigating.

Cat scratch fever

A woman was feeding stray cats on the 2500 block of Palisade Avenue on the afternoon of April 6, when a man believed to be in his 70s walked up to her and hit her on the back with his cane, police said. 

That knocked the woman to the ground, but the man reportedly would not stop, standing over her while hitting her with the cane some more.

Luckily, the woman wasn’t seriously injured, according to a report, but she did report “slight knee discomfort.”

The detective squad is still on the lookout for a white man, about 5-foot-7, and weighing 190 pounds.

In case of emergency, be sure to break glass

It was nearly 2 a.m., on April 5, when a man inside his apartment near Jerome Park Reservoir awoke to a commotion on the street.

He may have opened his eyes just in time, however, because when he headed out of his Webb Avenue home, he found the noise was coming from his own car. The back windshield had just been shattered, police said, and the perpetrator was nowhere to be found

Nothing had been stolen from the vehicle, police said.