Takeout missing Chinese flare


To the editor:

There are a lot of things I miss with the coronavirus — big things. Like seeing my parents in Philly face-to-face. And small things, like going to the gym, or getting my hair done.

But what I miss most of all is my neighborhood Chinese restaurant. My local takeout place, New Kam Sheng — right around the corner from my hose — has been closed since before the shutdown.

I think I miss it most because of the reason why it is gone. If any business should be going absolute gangbusters right now, it would be Chinese restaurants, the go-to food for takeout and delivery.

But our Chinese restaurant, instead of doing a bustling business during the shutdown, was instead one of the first to close its doors. And, sadly, it closed from fear. Their neighbors’ mistaken fear that the restaurant was somehow in particular risk in these difficult days.

It makes me sad the restaurant is closed. The family who owns the restaurant lives in my neighborhood. They raised their kids here, and they have had that restaurant a very long time.

I really hope New Kam Sheng reopens again soon. I plan on eating a lot of Chinese food when they do.

Irene Baldwin

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Irene Baldwin,