Talking heads are out of touch


To the editor:

“Am I tone deaf?” asks Larry Kudlow. Wilbur Ross, telling furloughed federal workers to get a loan (based on what income collateral, sir?) and their boss who cares not one whit about those workers struggling to keep a roof over their head, so he can positively grandstand.

But the worst are Trump’s unofficial cabinet of multi-millionaire out-of-touch radical right conservative elites, whose advice the weak president took. Advice that painted him into the corner he was in (break out the violins, please).

The advice of Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Jeanine Pirro, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity: “America stands behind you, Mr. President. They want the wall so much, they are willing to become homeless, starve their kids, and see their personal fortunes vanish, and bankrupt their businesses” to help you win this political battle you chose to inflict on the country.

Each and every one of these out-of-touch Fox and company talking heads don’t and haven’t lived paycheck to paycheck. Now or ever. They have no idea of what it is to struggle to make the mortgage (or rent), car payment, car insurance payment, and put food on their family’s table. These talking heads of the radical right wing are so out of touch that I laugh at them as they proclaim how “libruls” and “the radical left” are out of touch.

Add Mitch McConnell: $29 million in his personal account. Think he worries?

They are all worth multi-million dollar salaries and claim net worths in the millions, in some cases up to an astonishing $500 million (this for a drug abuser named Rush Limbaugh).

Those foolish enough to listen to people who have no intention of feeling your pain, but just are vindictively inflicting it on you and your loved ones, might wake up one day to realize how they’ve been had, conned.

Just like their fearless leader has been doing since 2016.

One can always dream.

Adam Stoler

Adam Stoler,