Police beat

Taxi driver to pax: Hail no, cut that out


One guy got so angry that his cabbie wouldn’t give him a cut rate on an early morning ride, he allegedly cut the driver instead.

Police say a man hailed a taxi near West 179th Street after 6 a.m., Aug. 25. He asked the driver to drop him off at Broadway and West 225th Street.
When the cab arrived at the destination, the driver and rider got into it over the price for the ride.

Things escalated until the passenger pulled out a razor blade, according to the report, and slashed the 44-year-old driver on the palm.
The alleged fare-skipping punk leapt from the car and left the taxi a token of his regard: He picked up a garbage can and threw it at the vehicle, according to police.

It reportedly left a nasty crack in the windshield on impact.

In the midst of his eventful exit, the passenger hurt himself and went to a local hospital for treatment. Police say they tracked him down there, slapped some handcuffs on him, and gave him a free ride downtown.

He’ll have the shrimp

Sometimes you get that comfort food craving and nothing will do until you bite into the thing you’ve been salivating over all day.

There’s a right way to indulge in fatty food. Have just a little bit, but not too much as to go over the day’s calorie limit.

And there’s a wrong way to do it — the way this guy did it.

A hungry fellow reportedly walked into the Stop & Shop, 5716 Broadway, just before 11 p.m., on Aug. 18, grabbing $46 worth of shrimp from the meat cooler, police said. Then he walked right back out of the store again without paying.

The store’s security guard chased the guy out into the parking lot where the seafood enthusiast reportedly pulled out a capped hypodermic needle, telling the guard, “Don’t touch me. I have HIV.”

The man ran south on Broadway, police said. He’s described as a white Hispanic male, standing about 5-foot-5, weighing about 165 pounds, and was wearing a green baseball cap and white shirt and pants.