Teen needs adjustment


To the editor:

(re: “Video shows cop punching suspect,” Oct. 12)

I applaud the actions of the 50th Precinct and commanding officer Terence O’Toole during the arrest of Alfred Burns on Oct. 6.

Already having a long rap sheet of charges and arrests, Burns was caught trying to steal a bicycle. He resisted arrest with force by lunging at an officer, pushing that officer to the ground, and pinning him there. He needed to be subdued with force.

Alfred Burns is a scourge on our community. I especially commend Terence O’Toole for speaking strong, truthful words of authority after his arrest. At 16, Burns has started his life of crime early, and if not stopped, his crimes will escalate. Would any of us like to be mugged by him?

In a sane society, the community would condemn, shun and shame an Alfred Burns, and support the police in dealing with him in the toughest manner possible. Instead, we have people like Jennifer Scarlott who want to coddle the criminals, making us all a lot unsafer.

The best thing that could happen to Alfred Burns is more men speaking harsh words of truth to him. Forcing him into a military-style boot camp would also do him a world of good. 

As of now, “he will be fighting with police for the rest of his life,” as Officer O’Toole so aptly stated.

Patty Goldstein

Patty Goldstein