Testing site was worse than virus


To the editor:

Recently, I attempted to get an antibodies test at a local free testing site. But it made me feel like I was more at risk of catching the virus there.

The location had taken no measures to ensue an orderly system for the people lined up outside waiting to see a doctor, and the mall is very crowded. There were no large, easily readable signs explaining their system, or even that they offered free coronavirus testing (they have several large windows that could be used for this). The local grammar schools have taped off their sidewalks with lines six feet apart. Why not here?

So people were walking up to the front door, where they were greeted by a security guard, who was not wearing a mask, and who bent down to speak more closely with each person. I witnessed this happen three times. When this was pointed out to the front desk, they denied it, saying, “He is wearing a mask.”

The guard did have a mask, but around his chin, leaving his nose and mouth exposed.

If a medical provider can’t get such a basic protocol right, then it gives one little faith in their ability to correctly administer a test, or properly distance patients inside, or perform basic hygiene.

I left without getting tested.

I’ve been to several other locations (in Manhattan), and always had positive experiences. But this demonstrated a lower level of care — they were actually careless. This is too often the case in poorer neighborhoods like Kingsbridge and Marble Hill.

And why is there a security guard at all? None of their Manhattan locations have guards. Is this another variation particular to this location?

Clare Donohue

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Clare Donohue,