Thank you for bringing meals


To the editor:

(re: “As city reopens, senior citizens still rely on COVID-19 food help,” June 25)

Thank you for highlighting the work we are doing in the community to make sure families and older adults receive appropriate meals safely during this difficult time. When a trip to the local grocery became a health hazard, the waitlist for meals at The Y senior center grew long.

I was asked to step in to help the new Kingsbridge Center of Israel food pantry and the other community organizations organize the food needs and distribution for the area. I partnered with ReThinkFood through the efforts of state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi and Maris Gelman, constituent services manager in Sen. Biaggi’s office.

I did not negotiate a partnership with ReThinkFood, the senator’s office did. I took over the relationship in order to simplify the process.

Winston Chiu and his team at ReThinkFood are caring, innovative partners in the effort. Since the story was published, the demand has risen by 10 percent, and we are working out some kinks.

The community is indebted to ReThinkFood and Sen. Biaggi’s office for enabling weekly food deliveries. My goal is to work collaboratively in order to feed our community with dignity for as long as my help is needed.

Jessica Haller

The author is a city council candidate.

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Jessica Haller,