Thank you, Sylvia


To the editor:

(re: “Forget mood rings, P.S. 95 touts its own mood meters,” Nov. 22)

Thank you for publishing your story highlighting the important work P.S. 95 does in teaching mental and emotional health.

As a teacher myself, I see every day that a child’s ability to cope with and articulate difficult emotions is, perhaps, the most important skill that will allow a child to succeed in school, and eventually in adulthood. These skills can allow a student to overcome difficulties at home, academic struggles, can prevent drug and alcohol abuse, and can even prevent suicide.

One detail I want to highlight from the article is that recent legislation now requires mental health education to be integrated into the health curriculum in New York State.

This addition to the health curriculum is the result of tireless work from our neighbor, Sylvia Lask, who lobbied the state legislature to include mental health education in our schools, and was instrumental in the passage of this legislation.

Sylvia’s fierce advocacy for mental health education and suicide prevention literally saves the lives of our children, and will benefit our families for generations to come.

Thank you, Sylvia, for improving and saving the lives of children all over New York State.

Eric Dinowitz

Eric Dinowitz,