Thank you to all our writers ... from Abreu to Zelnik


There was a lot to talk about in 2017 on the national and world stage ranging from Donald Trump’s first year in the White House to finally holding those accused of sexual misconduct accountable.

But there also was a lot to talk about in Riverdale and Kingsbridge, too. Over the past year, the pages of The Riverdale Press Opinion page were filled with the voices of you and your neighbors. More than 122,000 words-worth, actually — twice the size of a typical mystery novel.

We started the year with conversations focused on whether the electoral college was necessary or just a relic. We continued into the spring with a lively discussion on gun ownership (and whether they should advertise in the paper) before making a new homeless shelter at 5731 Broadway a hot topic in the summer.

By fall, we debated whether it was time to rethink some of the statues we’ve built of historical figures. And this past winter, we turned our attention to how much police force is too much police force.

Whatever the topic — whatever your opinion — it found a home here in our editorial pages. More than 240 people signed their name to letters to the editor and Points of View over the past year. 

And in what is a near-annual tradition, we just wanted to thank each and every one of you. Individually.

So thank you ... and keep on writing!

Randy Abreu, Mike Addario, Mehnaz Afridi, Darian Ahmadizadeh, David Alejandro, Frank Anelante, Bridget Kelso Anthony, Karen Argenti.

Kerry Bader, Richard Baldwin, Bill Baskin, Peter Beitchman, Bob Bender, John Benfatti, Gene Binder, Pauline Binder, Ivan Braun, Susan Braunstein, Audrey Brito, Sam Bromberg, Steven Budihas, Dierdre Burke, Toni Butler.

Illiam Carillo, Leslie Carroll, Thomas Casey, Patricia Cassiere, Kenia Castillo, Steve Catechis, Steven Chait, Laura Chenven, Merritt Claude, Andrew Cohen, Ira Coleman-Palansky, Donna Collins, Lawrence Cooper, Suzanne Corber, Linda Cox, Arian Curanaj, Mario Curanaj.

Al D’Angelo, Norman Danzig, James Dalton, Vasco Da Silva, Lisa Daub, Jacques DeGraff, Lou DeHolczer, Sokol Delaj, Marie Dimitriadis, Eric Dinowitz, Jeffrey Dinowitz, Sue Dodell, Deborah Dolan, Jennifer Donato, Kathryn Donnelly, Dennis Donofrio, Clare Donohue.

Dawn Eaton, Stuart Eber, Leora Einleger, Ryan Elivo, Geoffrey Enfield, Eliot Engel, Nicky Enright, David Epstein, Stewart Epstein, Margarite Eremeyev, Adriano Espaillat, Barbara Estrin.

Robert Fanuzzi, Robert Fass, Theodore Fettman, Abby Fisher, Eileen Fisher, Judy Fletcher, Charles Flynn, Ginny Fox, Frank Fraley, Edith Frank.

David Garcia, Rosemary Ginty, Michael Gold, Jacqueline Gold, Annemarie Golden, Patty Goldstein, Henry Gonzalez, Jerrold Goodman, Alvin Gordon, Jack Gorman, Karen Green, Josh Greenfield, Priscilla Grim, Tracy Griswold, Margaret Groarke, Grace Guthrie.

Miriam Helbok, Oren Helbok, Michael Heller, Avi Henoch, Linda Hirlehey, Eleanor Hoenig, Anne Hofmann, Leslie Hogan, Sarah Hughes.

Peter Iwanowicz, Rob Jacklosky, Karolina Janik, Sura Jeselsohn, Beverley Jonstone.

Greg Kachanov, Beverly Kelly, Maureen Kelly, Jeffrey Klein, Gary Klingsberg, Betsey Knapp, Dee Knight, Mila Kochanova, Oliver Koppell, David Kornbluh, Helen Krim.

Berel Lang, Monique Lang, Mary Lahti, Sylvia Lask, Irving Latimer, Derickson Lawrence, Patrick Leonard, Jonathan Lessuck, Donnell Leverett, Stacey Liechti, Bobby Liu, Claire Lobel.

Thomas Maguire, Harold Maio, David Malach, Liz Manning, Jack Marth, Lila Mateo, Evy Mayer, Catherine McEntire, Tara McMaster, Damien McShane, Harry McQuinn, Judith Minkoff-Grey, David Mirtz, Charles Moerdler, George Molé, Paul Moore, Henry Moss, Jordan Moss, Laura Moukas, Ruth Mullen, Phyllis Murray, Andrew Mutnick.

Newman Nalpers, Mandalena Ndreca, Niles Neusbaum, Margaret Nolan, Catherine O’Brien, John Orfanopoulos, Manos Orfanopoulos, Jeffrey Otto.

Dan Padernacht, Sherri Pasarell, Sherida Paulsen, Larry Penner, Melanie Perl, Angela Pless, Wayne Price, Penny Prince, Nicholas A. Pyle.

Carol Radel, Peggy Ray, Steve Reich, Daniel Reingold, Irene Diaz Reyes, John Reynolds, Jean Rincon, Howard Ring, Christopher Rizzo, Iris Rodriguez-Rosa, Gay Rosenblum-Kumar, Farrah Rubin.

Alan Saks, Jennifer Scarlott, Paul Schindler, Edan Segal, Roman Shamalov, Renee Shanker, Edward Shapiro, Tracy Shelton, Jane Shields, Steve Siegelbaum, Joseph Smith, Gregory Solomon, Joy Solomon, Laura Spalter, Rob Spalter, Cliff Stanton, Sarah Steinhardt, Cathy Stewart, Adam Stoler, Scott Stringer, Georgia Strong, Sandra Sullins, John Sweeney, Andrea Tekirian, Elsie Thompson, Ann Toback, Jess Torres, Rob Trenkler-Thomson, Marcia Trummer, Jean Tyson.

Anneros Valensi, Nina Velazquez, Kathy Valyi, Jackie Vanpelt.

Deborah Wallace, Gary Wartels, Janice Weaver, Ron Wegsman, Edith Weinheim, Eve Weiss, Joe Weiss, Lisa Wenz, Lisa Westerfield, Jennifer Wilhelm, Barry Wilner, Dale Wolff, Maurice Wolfthal, Cortney Worall, Kent Worcester, Dave Wuchinich.

Ed Yaker, Marcia Yerman, Joshua Zakharov, Famida Zaman, Martin Zelnik.

Thank you,