Police Beat

Thief finds entire phone collection


It’s not the first time of late thieves targeted a cell phone store.

But this time it probably made for a decidedly unromantic post-Valentine’s Day for at least one Kingsbridge Heights shopkeeper.

A 35-year-old told police he shuttered his business  — identified as the Daniella Wireless cell phone store — at 155 West Kingsbridge Road around suppertime, Feb. 14, apparently intending to leave it closed for at least the next 24 hours or so.

The guy reportedly returned the following evening around 8:30, however — possibly to check on his establishment, police said — to find the front door broken. Not only that, but whoever busted it also made off with more than a dozen cell phones. They included what police described as a Samsung Galaxy S8, several other Samsung Galaxy models, reconditioned T-Mobile phones, and an iPhone X — all valued at around $3,100.

Fortunately for the shopkeeper, another store nearby equipped with security cameras could offer cops clues for tracking any alleged phone thieves.


Mom’s wallet whisked away

A 38-year-old apparently taking a bathroom break from shopping at the Kingsbridge BJ’s Wholesale Club at 184 W. 237th St., told cops her son plopped her wallet onto the store’s restroom sink counter around 5 p.m., Jan. 29. But when it was time to pay up at the cash register, she realized neither she nor her son had the wallet.

Her son circled back to the restroom not once, not twice, but three times in search of the missing wallet, but no luck.

Gone, along with the mom’s apparently swanky wallet — which police valued at around $250 — were $100 cash stuffed inside, as well as various credit cards, her driver’s license and health insurance card.


Airbag, mirror, mats ripped from Honda

It’s a broad range of car components criminals fancy — rims, tires, catalytic converters, hubcaps — just about anything they can get away with, it seems.

A 49-year-old told police he parked his brown 2015 Honda Odyssey minivan on the southwest corner of West 235th Street and Independence Avenue in south Riverdale on the night of Feb. 5, although police didn’t specify the exact time. But when he returned around 7:30 the following morning, he reportedly discovered the rear left window shattered and several items missing, including a Honda airbag, valued at $1,500, along with a front right mirror, valued at $500, and WeatherTech mats, also around $500.