Police Beat

Thieves get lucky with an unlocked Honda


The 50th Precinct urges drivers to be on the lookout for sneaky thieves who make a habit of strolling down the street checking rows of parked car doors — because if doors are open, they’re bound to go right in.

That could be exactly what happened last week for at least one unlucky car owner. She told cops she’d parked her 2008 Honda Accord at the southwest corner of Marble Hill Avenue and West 227th Street around 8 p.m., July 10, returning around 10 the morning of Friday the 13th to find one of the doors unlocked.

Police aren’t sure whether she left it unlocked or someone else managed to unlock it. But what’s clear is whoever got lucky reportedly ferreted out her Social Security card, driver’s license, her Dominican Republic identification card as well as her college ID, American Express card, and a credit and debit card, both from Chase Bank.

Police reported no damage to the Honda, and it’s uncertain if there were cameras in the area, nor could they offer a description of an alleged door-checker. Still, they’re investigating the grand larceny.


Roughneck duo robs old man’s chain

The weekend of Friday the 13th was a bloody one in Kingsbridge, with the 5-0 racking up its third murder of the year Saturday morning at a building on Webb Avenue just south of the Jerome Park Reservoir.

And not even 24 hours later, not so far from there, another man reportedly found himself at the mercy of violent criminals.

A 63-year-old told police two guys covering their faces ambushed him from behind on the 2800 block of Exterior Street around 6:30 a.m., on July 15. The duo reportedly dug into the guy’s pockets in search of plunder, whacking him in the back of his head causing minor cuts, knocking him to the ground, and ripping a gold chain with a cross pendant from his neck before hopping into a black Mustang and peeling out south on Exterior.

No value was reported for the chain, but police are investigating the robbery.